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Hike to the Kalk Bay Caves 


3:00 PM - 7:30 PM (5 hours)


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I last went to the Kalk Bay caves a couple of years ago and I've been wanting to go back for ages! One of the two caves that visit goes right through the mountain and we'll start on one end and come out the other side!

It's about a 45min hike to get to the caves and there are plenty of boulders we could climb along the way. I'm considering hiring some crash pads from Bloc11 for the day if enough climbers are keen (we'll have to split the costs of course).

Things to bring

  • A headlamp or ...
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  • Good vibes
  • Adventurous Spirit
  • Generosity


  • Candles
  • First Aid Kit
  • Knowledge of the route

Where we'll meet

Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7990
3 written reviews
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Argon Poorun
Nov 10, 2019

Knocked my socks off. Hike was set at the perfect time to catch a soothing sunset on the descent. The caves were a real squeeze, but the adventure felt guided and safe. Not to mention the expert knowledge shared on sandstone vs limestone waazza. Got to the top of a boulder, which felt like an achievement after my many epic crashes. Overall, special experience with interesting new people.

Dominic PrawnStar Bauer
Nov 12, 2019

Was really amazing hiking with Adrian and the rest of the crew. Being an ex-geology student he's knowledges of rocks is simply amazing. Would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to get into nature and into the darkness that are the caves :)

Tasneem J
Nov 14, 2019

The hike up was beautiful! Crawling through that narrow cave entrance was my highlight, despite the knee-burn and totally ungraceful body contortions one had to confront. I thoroughly enjoyed the caving experience, where we learnt about cave formation and the different components of the rock, in total darkness, no less. Loved the experience overall, Thanks Adrian!


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